prospect marketing



Acquisition refers to the process of communicating with prospective donors who have not yet made a financial contribution to the client. In this way, we can generate a list of people who have proven themselves to be interested in the client’s work and willing to support it financially. These people can then be contacted for repeat donations in future mailings.

The success of an acquisition campaign depends upon a) proper selection of a mailing list, so that the recipients are likely to be willing to support the client, and b) effective package creation and design, so that the mailing will be opened by the recipient, who will then be motivated by the contents to respond with a gift.


At CMA, we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our acquisition campaigns. We frequently see response rates much higher than the normal industry standard.

Donor Renewal


Through donor renewal, people who have made gifts to the client in the past are motivated to do so again. This is usually accomplished by a series of direct mailings.

Donor renewal mailings may be connected to specific holidays or events, they may be seasonal, or they may be tied to a special project or need of the client.

CMA designs donor campaigns that are tailored to the strengths and needs of the specific client, the audience being contacted, current trends in the fund raising market, and the client’s budgetary needs.

CMA’s creative team generates packages that are distinctive, attractive, and compelling enough to get opened and to generate a high rate of donor response. Depending on the client and the audience, we may utilize such tools as up-front merchandise, greeting cards, enrollment in programs and groups of interest to the audience, and premium merchandise items.

Results of each mailing are analyzed by CMA in order to identify elements and approaches that work best for each client.

Response to CMA’s donor renewal programs is consistently among the best in the industry.

Strategic Program Planning


Most organizations see their best fund raising results via a continuing, planned program of mailings and (sometimes) other elements. The goal of such a program is to develop and fine-tune a list of reliable donors, to generate a steady income of donations over time, and to constantly improve response rates and revenue amounts.

CMA has decades of successful experience in creating and maintaining such programs.

Special Program Mailings


Mailings tied to a specific need or goal are often highly successful, because many donors relate better to tangible, specific needs than they do to a general, ongoing cause.

Special programs may be dedicated to raising funds for a specific need (constructing or refurbishing a building, acquiring needed equipment, paying off a debt, etc.), or they may simply be a “fund drive” intended to meet a set fund raising goal.

When appropriate, special program mailings might involve ancillary materials such as special project branding, posters, newsletters, accessories, etc.


Prospect Management


Central to the success of any fund raising program is the selection of an audience that will be receptive to the client’s cause and disposed to take action in support of it.

CMA has access to many mailing lists that can be used for donor acquisition; these are compared to each client’s purposes, needs, public image, and past donor history. Demographics are analyzed to match the client with the best possible pool of potential donors.





Once a list of proven donors has been generated for a client, it can be used to determine more effective fundraising tactics. By observing what an audience does and does not respond well to, CMA can get a feel for the special “personality” that a donor audience has, and tailor our work accordingly.

Market Research


Many factors influence how donors give, whether they give, who they give to, how much they give, and what motivates them to give. World events, the news, economic conditions, and natural demographic trends all influence these things. CMA continually studies and researches the current state of the fund raising market to remain on top of these trends. We can use this information to make maximum use of positive trends and to counteract negative ones.


Program Development


Creative Copy Writing and Graphic Design


CMA’s award-winning creative team can generate all of the materials needed for a fund raising campaign.

We write, edit, and design elements including outside envelopes, letters, informational pieces and pamphlets, greeting cards, premium merchandise slips, and any other materials that might be appropriate.

All elements are designed with two basic goals in mind: getting the package noticed and opened, and motivating the recipient to respond with a financial gift. CMA knows how to create the right package for the specific client, audience, cause, and environment.

CMA will work with the client to incorporate existing text, graphics, or other elements into a mailing campaign, if desired.

If premium merchandise is to be included in a mailing, our marketing staff can refer to a wide assortment of vendors and sources to provide high-quality, cost-effective items. Custom items can also be created.

See our portfolio page for examples of materials produced by the CMA staff.

Image/Brand Development


It’s important for any fund raising organization to have effective, well-designed branding. This projects a professional image, ensures recognizability, and boosts public trust. Branding is almost always an organization’s “first impression” upon a potential supporter.

CMA can create logos, slogans, “trade dress,” and a distinctive visual consistency among a client’s materials. This involves the unified and consistent use of graphics, copy, color schemes, and typefaces.

Web Sites


The Internet is an important outreach tool that allows potential donors, supporters, or partners to find out about you and your programs, and even to make unsolicited contributions.

CMA has designed, written, and implemented web sites for clients that present information clearly and concisely, and offer interactive opportunities for donations, transactions, and communication with the client.

Our staff can take care of all creative and technical aspects of web site creation, including coding, creation of special features such as interactive forms and virtual shopping carts, setting up e-mail addresses, and registering and hosting of the site.

Social Media


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer an important and effective way to optimize your fundraising campaign.  These tools keep you engaged with your audience and serve as an immediate way to inform and motivate your supporters.  Consistency and relevance are important, and many organizations don't have the time, personnel or expertise to properly maintain a social media presence.  CMA will manage this on your behalf through regular, and relevant, posting so that your message gets out where the conversation is happening today.






CMA can take care of all printing needs associated with a client’s fund raising or advertising campaign. This includes mailing elements, greeting cards, newsletters, posters, and other materials. CMA’s staff has experience in planning the most cost-effective and efficient means of executing print runs. All printed items are subjected to careful review and quality control by the CMA staff before being approved for mass production.

Mail House Services


CMA works with professional mailing houses to send out all mailings reliably and on time. We also stay abreast of all postal regulations and ensure that all mailings conform without the need for additional postage costs.


Public Relations




CMA has extensive experience in newsletter production, from small, text-only “in-house” publications to glossy full-color news booklets. Newsletters can be purely internal to your organization, used as an element in a mailing, or sent as separate mailings. They may be one-time projects or ongoing, regularly scheduled periodicals.

CMA’s creative team will take care of all editing, proofreading, layout, and graphic design to generate a useful and attractive product.

News Releases


If your organization has a piece of news that you’d like the media to be aware of, CMA can create a professional news release and submit it to the appropriate wire services.



Video and audio presentations can be a very effective tool for fund raising and information sharing. CMA can create DVD, CD, videotape, or Internet-based multimedia presentations.

Using information and materials supplied by the client, we can handle every aspect of the project from scripting, storyboarding and graphic design to voice-overs, background music, encoding, production, and packaging.